Old Bears Network
Our passion for collecting old bears began many years ago – more than we care to remember! As sisters, divided by a generation gap of 12 years, it was through our love of worn, vintage bears that we shared a mutual hobby and grew closer in our obsessive desire to rescue orphan teds. As regular visitors to the website will know, my younger sister Julie has a full-time career, so it’s down to yours truly to keep the website regularly updated. But it also means I get to enjoy all the lovely old bears first hand.
Established since 2003

Our website was launched in October 2003, when my hobby of restoring decrepit characters threatened to take over the house. It became necessary to start re-homing some – or my husband, Nigel, would have packed his bags! I never imagined the website would take over my life, but it’s become a full-time occupation, and I can’t think of a more rewarding job – if a sometimes crazy one! Meeting and corresponding with fellow arctophiles around the world is a constant delight, and over the years I’ve made some wonderful friends. Enjoy your visit, and please bookmark us in your favourites.

Hugs, Sue