This cute little Chad Valley ted c.1930s was unusually made with an unjointed neck, and measures 25 cms (10″) tall. He’s stuffed with woodwool, but soft filling has been added in the past.

All original except for replaced glass eyes, Rooney’s rexine pads are in reasonable condition with only minor surface wear. He has a few old makeshift repairs, including a patch to the back of his right leg. Also, a ‘black eye’, no doubt gained from attending a rowdy football match!

Rooney doesn’t have much gold mohair left, and his backing cloth isn’t as vibrant as it appears our pics. Nevertheless, he’s a great character, and is wearing his football shorts with a flamboyant blue neck-ribbon, so beautifully-tied by his owner we didn’t want to undo it, Rooney is all set for kick-off.

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