An original, early white mohair German Bing bear, Klaus is 30 cms (12″) tall. He has the pointed heels seen on BIngs from 1912, along with card-lined feet.

In beautiful condition, with lots of lovely fur, Klaus is enjoying an early white Christmas. Though he’s miffed because we wouldn’t let him open his present!


Naturally I’m very disappointed to be given a present, but not allowed to find out what’s inside until Christmas Day. I can’t stand the suspense!  Though it gives me something exciting to look forward to.

I’m actually named after Santa, because Klaus is the German for ‘Claus’. I think that qualifies me to peek inside my glittering parcel, and see what treats are in store…but I must be patient!



Character info

Klaus is a strikingly-handsome Bing bear, in very fine condition for his age. He’s stuffed with woodwool, and this has settled around the top of his torso, so his head gently slumps. His original features include shoebutton eyes, and a tan-stitched nose, mouth and claws.

His felt pads are in reasonably good shape, though one paw has been patched in the past, and the other darned, not particularly well. Also his left footpad is stitched, where the carded sole wore through.

Despite a few, small patchy bald areas, Klaus has plenty of white mohair, which has yellowed a little over the years. All his joints work smoothly, and he’s a sturdy ted with a wonderful, classic Bing expression.

Klaus is wearing his cute, all-in-one outfit, trimmed with festive ribbons and a wooden Xmas tree (courtesy of Tia Maria!). He also travels with his mystery present – not to be opened until Christmas Day!