An amazing, early humpbacked centre seam Steiff bear, with an endearing personality. Walter no longer retains his earbutton, and most of his mohair is long gone.

He’s 60 cms (24″) tall, with original boot button eyes and nose stitching, while part of his mouth has been resewn with brown thread.

Walter has a loud tilt growler, along with a ‘bandaged’ ankle, plus a professionally-restored left foot! He’s nevertheless, a wonderful character brimming with charm, and is wearing his antique embroidered shirt and wool pants with bell necklace.


My name in German means ‘powerful warrior’. Well, I was certainly in the wars in my youth, but it had nothing to do with fighting – simply a case of being loved and played with so much, by my over zealous child owner!

On reflection, I think it’s better to have been well-loved, than never loved at all.


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Character info

In the far distant past, Walter underwent a degree of restoration.  His woodwool stuffing was topped up with soft filling, and his left foot completely remade, with a thin carded insole and a set of brown claws. His right foot has original black claws, to match his nose and partial mouth stitching, both of which have faded over the years and could be mistaken for brown. Likewise, a mouth stitch was added also in brown thread.

Walter’s other three pads were re-covered in the same material as his new left foot, along with a patched repair to his right ankle. His ears too, were re-attached. We’ve no idea who carried out these repairs, or when they were done, so these are simply our own observations. His joints all work fine, and his head tilts engagingly to one side due to the softness of his top-up stuffing.

Amazingly, Walter is a very sturdy bear, with a great long muzzle and the sweetest expression. Mostly bald, bless, he’s definitely a unique and very lovable character. This substantial, weighty ted, is dressed in his cute antique embroidered shirt and pants, with a large bell around his neck.