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Hop to it! Here’s a well-loved vintage Steiff Hoppy rabbit c.1950s (no button). He’s all original (including his neck ribbon), and is 23 cms (9″) long from nose to heels.

Unjointed and stuffed with woodwool, Hoppy has back-painted amber glass eyes, and felt-lined ears in good condition.

His nose and mouth are embroidered in peach thread, and all his whiskers are intact. Hoppy doesn’t have much mohair remaining, but his airbrushed markings are still visible.

One ear has a split at the top, and the back of his left foot is threadbare showing a little stuffing. Also, there’s some patchy, age-related discolouration. The colour of his backing cloth is actually a shade darker than our pics.

Overall, though, Hoppy is a cute little character wearing his handmade bunny blanket, which is reversible and embroidered with his name.


My bunny blanket is very useful. I don’t have a lot of fur so it keeps my back warm in winter, and protects me from the sun in summer! 

Also, when I get bored with the bunny pattern, I can turn my blanket onto the other side, and  show everyone I’m called Hoppy!