A cute little German mohair monkey with Hermann Original Teddy tag c.1950s. Rico is all original with a swivel head, and measures 18 cms (7″) high in his sitting position.

He’s woodwool-stuffed, and has wires running through his arms and tail. His vivid blue eyes are made of glass with white corners, and he’s in virtually minty condition, having kept pretty much all of his cream mohair.

Rico’s fur is airbrushed with beautiful turquoise and pink markings, and even his felt hands and feet have airbrushed finger and toe nails’!  A really sweet character.


My long arms and tail enable me to climb trees and swing about. I can even hang upside down, but it makes me a bit giddy, so I don’t do it very often.

Sometimes I just sit and clap my hands together, or stretch my arms out wide, embracing the world! You should try it. 




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