A lovable, vintage novelty character bear, probably made by the American company, Applause c.1980s. Chubbs is all original and 46 cms (18″) tall. He has comical sewn-in plastic eyes, and big chubby cheeks, and is solidly stuffed with woodwool.

Fully-jointed, his neck is quite stiff, but just about turns. He has a black, vertical-stitched nose (missing a few threads), very much in the style of some Knickerbocker bears, of which Applause was a division, until it was sold in 1982.

Chubbs has kept most of his brown silky plush, with just a bald area around his front torso seam. He’s wearing a pink satin neck ribbon which may be original, and is an altogether very cute teddy.


I just love honey and can’t get enough of it. That’s why I have plump cheeks – through devouring pot after pot of HONEY!

The one OBN gave me to eat is way too small, and I couldn’t even get my paw into it! What I need is an entire honeycomb to keep my cheeks fed. Otherwise I might smiply fade away. 

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