A cute trio of small, chunky hand-knitted cardigans, suitable for 12″-14″ teddies. Designed by a Welsh knitter, the collection comprises the following:

A sweet, sugar pink/white cardi that fastens with two cat-faced buttons. It also has white satin ribbon threaded round the neck and measures 4.25″ long x 6″ wide. SOLD.

A lovely lilac cardi in a yarn that delicately sparkles. It fastens with two shimmering fuscia-pink buttons, and measures 4″ long x 5.25″ wide. PRICE 5 GBP.

Finally, a stunning, multi-coloured cardi knitted in pinks and mauves, and trimmed with shimmering plum. It fastens with two decorative plummy buttons, and measures 4.5″ long x 5″ wide. SOLD