Tiny Tina is a 1950s miniature Schuco ted, measuring 6 cms (2.5″) tall. Typically, she’s made of tinplate covered in gold mohair, and is all original with black metal eyes and embroidered features.

Tina has jointed limbs and a swivel head, which is loose and completely lifts off! Also, one of her legs has been secured with a couple of stitches in the past. She’s kept virtually all of her fur – it’s a tad grubby but we’ll give her a free clean on request.

This tiny tot is dressed for a hot date with a gentleman bear, and is catching the freight train to meet him!


It’s a bit inconvenient when my head drops off without warning, but I’ve got used to it and simply pop it in my handbag! Trouble is it’s a bit too big, so I need a larger bag.

However, for my hot date I want to impress him with my gold sparkly bag, so I’ll just have to hope I don’t lose my head! Must dash and catch the train or I’ll be late!