A vivacious, open-mouthed Teddy Baby, most likely Austrian c.1950s/60s. Viv is made of white synthetic plush, with shaggy faded pink plush ears, paws and feet. She’s kapok-stuffed, and fully-jointed, and measures 26 cms (10″) tall, excluding ears.

Viv has distinctive, original felt-backed blue glass eyes with swirly lines in the irises.  They’re a touch lopsided, along with her nose stitching which looks to have been-resewn. Her felt-lined mouth shows a little wear, including a small hole.

There’s a large voice box in Viv’s torso. It doesn’t work so we’re not sure if it’s a growler or played music. Overall, Viv is a strong bear, with some bald areas, but nevertheless a very cute character. Wearing her lilac dress and bonnet, she’s shown with her French chum, Val, who will be available soon.


My name is short for Viveka, which means ‘little woman’. I may be quite small, but then I’m a baby bear and  packed with energy. I enjoy twirling around in my pretty frock, until I get dizzy and fall over!