A delightful, much-loved pointy-nosed teddy bear c.1920s. Nollie is 40 cms (16″) tall, and has large, original back-painted glass eyes, now mostly clear, and one has a hairline crack.

Kapok-stuffed, with a woodwool muzzle, Nollie’s black-stitched nose has a few stitches added, and her mouth restored. Her pads are original twill, and both paws are worn at the tips. She has a non-working squeaker, but her joints work fine, though her head is a tad wobbly.

Nollie doesn’t have a huge amount of her long, curly yellow mohair remaining, but she’s a very sweet character with a long protruding muzzle. She’s wearing her beautiful old dress and bonnet, and carries her leather wallet with teddy motif.


My name is a variation of Olive, which is Latin meaning ‘symbol of peace’. So if you adopt me, I’ll try and bring some peace and harmony into your life, in return for lots of cuddles!

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