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A delicious little Chad Valley Toffee Bear c.1953. Well-loved, Toffee no longer has his foot-label, but is all original, except for his knitwear, and is 24 cms (9.5″) tall.

Stuffed with wood-wool, Toffee’s eyes are amber glass, and his bound nose stitching is typical Chad style. His rexine pads are worn, along with his dark beige mohair. In fact it looks as though someone has given him a short, back and sides haircut!

Toffee’s joints work fine, and he’s a really sweet character, with his intelligent, high domed forehead, funny flat muzzle, and short stumpy limbs.


Toffee was a popular character from the 1950s-60s BBC Radio children’s programme, Listen with Mother. Both Chad Valley and Farnell produced Toffee Bears, and the Chad version was dressed in a red knitted scarf and matching hat.

He also had a card tag with ‘Toffee the teddy with a personality’ printed in red and blue.

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