Supercook Lowena has hung up her pinny and is ready to party for Christmas. She’s a charming Chad Valley ted, dating to the early 1920s, and is solidly stuffed with woodwool.

Lowena measures 36 cms (14″) high,  and her features are mostly original, including dark-amber glass eyes, and embroidered features. In the past, extra stitches have been added to the top of her nose.

She has worn, brushed cotton pads all with patched repairs. And there’s a small insert to the back of her left paw, along with some wrist darning.

Lowena’s tilt growler simply clunks now, but her joints work fine. Despite overall thinning and baldness in some areas, her pale gold mohair is still plentiful.

Looking pretty glam in her pink velvet dress ad goldtone necklace, Lowena also carries her shimmering gold bag.


I’ve already made my Christmas cake, mince pies, and figgy pudding, so I’m ready for some festive fun!

I hope to pull a few crackers and open lots of presents, then fall asleep exhausted.


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