An adorable, vintage Steiff woolly pom-pom Owl with button and stock tag c.1971-7.

Owl is 6 cms (2.5″) high, and has big wise, black-rimmed amber eyes, and a felt beak. His feet are made of plastic, and his head swivels slightly.

His wool plush is yellow at the front, and the rest three shades of brown. In lovely condition, this is one cute Owl!


Too-wit too-woo! I don’t think this nest was built for an owl. The entrance is way too small, but if I push myself in head first, then it’s really quite spacious inside. So I might make myself at home here, and invite a lady owl to join me. 

It’s actually only tawny owls that make the familiar, too-wit too-woo call, during the night and early hours. It’s the male and female chatting to each other. I bet they wish they had a nest like mine!


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