A playful pair of Steiff Revu Susi cocker spaniels, one with earbutton c.1960s/70s. In lovely original condition, they have swivel heads and are identical, except one is sitting down and the other is standing at 17 cms  (6.5″) high. Wearing their matching striped cotton neckerchiefs, the Susis travel in their wicker doggy basket and are absolutely adorable!


Apart from being identical twins, we’re both called Susi, which some people find a bit confusing. So, to make it easier we call ourselves ‘Sitting Susi’ and ‘Standing Susi’, but when we’re in our basket covered by a blanket, nobody can tell us apart! Though we actually think we have slightly different expressions. Keep looking at us and see if you think the same.


Character info

These lovable, Steiff Revu Susi spaniels with identical features, are stuffed with woodwool and have swivel heads. Their eyes are made of plastic and they have a black-embroidered nose and claws, plus airbrushed markings. Their gold mohair is plentiful, with minimal fur loss. They were made between the mid-1960s and early 70s.

Sitting Susi was made in a fixed seated position, and has a silver scripted earbutton.  She measures 18 cms (7″) high, and is the same lengthways from nose to tail.

Standing Susi has a working squeaker, and measures 17 cms (6.5″) high, and 20 cms (8″) long. Like her twin sister, she wears a red and white striped neckerchief, and together they travel in their wicker doggy basket.

They’re a really fantastic pair of delightful spaniels.