A stunning, spicy-cinnamon mohair, centre seam Steiff bear c. 1910 (no button). Tikka is all original, except for a restored mouth, and is 38 cms (15″) tall.

It’s rare to find such furry and vibrant early cinnamon teds, as their colour had a tendency to fade, and the dye was prone to weaken the fabric.

So Tikka is a truly amazing treasure, having retained both his brilliance and near complete fur coverage.  He’s also endearingly slumpy, where the woodwool stuffing has settled in his torso and limbs.

Tikka is wearing his knitted dungarees and old scarf, pinned with a slogan badge, ‘Make it hot for me’.  As you might guess, he’s referring to his favourite Indian food!



It’s true, I love hot spicy food, and nothing less than a heat level of at least three chillies will rock me. Although I enjoy a good tikka, my favourite is Naga Masala – the world’s official hottest curry. It’s so fiery it makes me tingle all over! 


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Character info

This rare, early humpbacked centre seam cinnamon Steiff bear has original boot button eyes and nose stitching (there’s a couple of broken loose threads). His mouth has been resewn and, in the past, his right ankle repaired.

Tikka’s felt pads are in near minty condition, with only a tiny area of wear to one foot, and all his claws are intact. His joints work fine and, overall, he’s a sturdy ted with a brilliant amount of fur.

Due to the settlement in his left leg, Tikka isn’t able to stand up very well. He would much rather sit and gaze round, in the hope of being served a bowl of something spicy!