A lovely large German Cramer bear c.1920s, standing 56 cms (22″) tall. Soxy is all original, except for a resewn mouth and a replaced footpad.

Woodwool-stuffed, Soxy has back-painted glass eyes, now worn mostly clear, and a brown-embroidered nose. All three of his original felt pads have patched repairs.

Soxy’s super cute upturned muzzle is a little threadbare, and there’s an old ankle repair to his right leg. Also, the stuffing has settled slightly in both arms.

Although his joints work fine, his legs are a tad swingy, showing his eagerness to go walking!

There’s a few darkened areas to his backing cloth here and there, but he’s a good sturdy bear, with an impressive amount of blonde mohair.

Sometimes, Soxy can be persuaded to growl, depending on his mood. Overall, he’s an enchanting character, dressed in his old leather jacket with knitted dicky bow. Soxy is only available until 31st January.


I’m reading an amusing book about The Shoe Shop Bears. It has characters called Boots, Slippers, and Socks!

That’s why I decided to call myself Soxy, because I wear knitted booties that also look like socks.

I’d quite like a proper pair of shoes, so I’m hoping my new owner will get me a pair.



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