Snooty is an old squeaking German jester character, with a felt face, made very much in the style of early Steiff dolls. He’s all original and stuffed with woodwool. Snooty is unjointed and measures 18 cms (7″) tall.

He has tiny black bead eyes, and a single black stitch forming his mouth. His eyebrows are airbrushed, and his ‘nose’ is sewn in tan thread. Snooty’s hat is stitched to the top of his head, and he has felt hands.

His jester outfit forms part of his body, along with his feet, both of which are worn into holes with some darned repairs. He’s a great little character, with his cute upturned nose, and is in overall good condition. His tiny Scuco pal has been re-homed.


I like making people laugh, because then it means they’ve happy. I think if everyone laughed for just five minutes a day, the world would be a much better place! Give it a try, and see if it makes you feel full of happiness!



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