An early pair of German pals, from the same private collection. Snooty & Squint are available individually, but it would be lovely if they could be re-homed together at the discount price of 120 GBP.  Read all about them in our description below!


We may look like an odd couple, but we’re the very best of chums. So if we move to different homes, we’ve decided to keep in touch by texting one another!

We’ll have to borrow mobiles, and embrace social media – but who knows, we could be popping up on Facebook and Twitter and making lots of new friends!

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Character info


Snooty is an old squeaking German jester character, with a felt face very much in the style of early Steiff dolls. He’s all original and stuffed with woodwool, and measures 18 cms (7″) tall. Unjointed, Snooty has tiny black bead eyes, and a single black stitch forming his mouth. His eyebrows are airbrushed, and his nostrils are sewn in tan thread.

Snooty’s hat is stitched to his head, and he has felt hands. His jester outfit forms part of his body, along with his feet, both of which are worn into holes with some darned repairs. He’s a great little character, with his snooty upturned nose, and is in overall good condition. PRICE: 95 GBP.


Squint is a miniature Schuco ted c.1920s, made of tinplate covered in bright yellow-gold mohair. He’s 7 cms (2.75″) tall, and fully-jointed. His metal eyes have turned a rusty brown, and the left one is slightly covered by his ear which makes him look as though he’s squinting! His nose and mouth are embroidered in black thread.

Both feet are worn where his interior metal has pushed through his fur, and there’s a few stitches to the back of his head, though they don’t appear to be serving much purpose. Squint is wearing what appears to be his original velvet neck ribbon. He’s a sweet mini character, with a very cute face. PRICE: 30 GBP.