A wonderful, very furry Chilten bear c.1930s, measuring 48 cms (19″) tall. In the past, Seymour’s nose and mouth have been re-sewn, and it’s possible his clear glass eyes are also replacements.

The nap of his original velvet pads is surface worn on his paws, while both his foot-pads have been stitched round the edges to secure them. He would have had carded soles, but they probably wore out.

Seymour’s shaved protruding muzzle is typical of early Chilterns, while his dark gold mohair is luxuriously thick. There’s very little, if any, loss at all. There’s a broken squeaker in his tummy, but all his joints work fine.

Overall, Seymour is a great sturdy ted, with a big podgy belly. He’s stuffed with kapok (head woodwool), and is lovely and cuddly with a very cute expression. The sailor jacket worn by Seymour is available separately for 25 GBP.


My name is Anglo-Saxon/French, meaning ‘from the moor by the sea’. I seem to be surrounded by snow at the moment – no sea or moor in sight!

Roll on summer, when I can take my little boat sailing.

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