An entertaining group of vintage Schuco pals, attempting to hold a tea party. Ranging in ages and sizes, they’re all made of tinplate covered in mohair.

Available as a collection or individually, read about them in our description below.


Holding a tea party is jolly hard work – for a start, the cups are enormous and catering for a bear, monkey, cat and elephant isn’t easy. We all eat and drink different things, and we’ve no idea what tea tastes like! So, we’ve ordered a takeway to be delivered containing all our favourite fthings.


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Character info

These charming, novelty Schuco characters are from the same private collection, and it would be lovely if the three remaining could be re-homed together for 140 GBP.  But they’re also available individually:


This cute miniature monkey c.1920s/30s originally held a glass perfume bottle concealed inside his torso. Although now missing, Georgie’s head still has the scented wooden stopper attached, and enables his head to move freely. He measures 12 cms (4.75″) tall. His limbs are jointed, and he has a metal face and brown painted metal eyes, one of which is now worn. Both felt ears are intact and also his hands and feet, showing a little wear. Overall, Georgie is in really good condition, having kept virtually all of his brightly-coloured cinnamon mohair. PRICE: 65 GBP


A sweet, tiny grey mohair cat, Gemma is all original and in beautiful condition. She’s 8 cms (3.25″) tall, and has jointed limbs and a nodding head. Her eyes are made of green glass, and her features are embroidered in peach thread. She has black mohair ears lined with peach felt, and is wearing a sparkly faux diamond collar. She’s a pussy galore! PRICE: 45 GBP.


Diddy Tusker c.1950s is only 6 cms (just under 2.5″) high, and fully-jointed with a nodding head. He’s all original and has grey felt ears, felt tusks, plus a red felt blanket. His eyes are black metal, and his tail is wired, along with his trunk. Tusker has kept much of his grey mohair, and is an adorable, diddy character. PRICE: 35 GBP. 


Pepi is a playworn, rare miniature Schuco tumbling bear c.1920s/30s. Now retired from performing somersaults, he’s 11 cms (4.5″) tall, and was made with a fixed head. He has original, surface-worn, black-painted metal eyes, and a black-stitched nose and mouth. Pepi’s felt pads are probably replacements, neatly done, while his wire-jointed legs are loose but secure. There’s a hole to the top of his left leg where his metal has worn through. Although he doesn’t have much gold mohair remaining, Pepi is a great little character, wearing his neck ribbon. SOLD