A fabulous, rare pink mohair monkey probably made by Farnell c.1930s. Ronnie measures 41 cms (16″) tall and is fully-jointed. She’s firmly stuffed with woodwool, and her limbs have wires running through them.

Ronnie’s original left eye is made of black metal, while her other one appears to be a replacement. There’s a small neat repair just above her mouth, and a few others to her felt hands and feet but, overall, they’re in good condition along with the rest of her.

Ronnie’s mohair is plentiful, and has retained much of its pinkness. She’s a wonderful, very expressive character, dressed in her pink velvet bonnet and floral cotton print shorts, tied with shabby chic floral ribbon.


I bet you thought I was a boy monkey, but I’m a girl! My name is a pet form of Veronica, which is a low-growing perennial plant with spikes of pink flowers. It actually grows to 18″ tall, so is bigger than me when mature!

The flowers attract bees and butterflies, so Veronica is a very good plant to have in the garden. I like it because it’s tall and slim like me, and also PINK!


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