A rare, Mutzli musical head-turning ted c. post-1945. Melia is all original with a Swiss mechanism, that when the key winder in her back is turned, she plays a lullaby and rotates her head at the same time.

Melia is in near minty condition, and 33 cms (13″) tall. Her limbs are jointed, and she has short pile mohair, along with brown glass eyes and embroidered features. This sweet-faced bear is dressed in her peach knitted outfit, and is as cute as can be.


Mutzli is Swiss-German for ‘little bear’. Well I’m little and I also play a lullaby, and move my head in harmony!  I can turn my head without playing music, but only if someone does it for me.

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Character info

Melia has one of the finest Swiss musical mechanisms in the world. But she doesn’t only play music when her key winder is turned. She also rotates her head up and down and from side to side.

Stuffed with kapok (head woodwool), Melia has peach felt pads, and a black, vertically-stitched nose, and inverted Y-shaped mouth. Her eyes are brown glass with black pupils, and her limbs are fully-jointed. Made without claws, Melia’s short pile mohair is a pale, pinky-beige colour, and shows a little fading to the front.

However, overall, Melia is in wonderful condition, and is wearing her peach-knitted dungarees and hat, decorated with silk flowers, plus a hand-dyed neck ribbon. She’s a very sweet and entertaining teddy.