An amazing rare family of early velvet Minnie Mouse triplets c.1920s/30s, virtually identical and in unusually good condition. The Minnies are unjointed with wired bendy limbs, and have retained most of their original features. They stand 17 cms (6.5″) tall on card-lined feet, and are wearing their delightful matching outfits. Follow their pictorial antics below.


We’re having such fun playing on the swing-boats. There’s a bit of sibling rivalry as to who can swing the highest without falling off!

But with our flexible limbs, we’re all very agile and acrobatic, even though most of the time we just fall about chuckling.  You could say we’re the Triple Chuckle Trio – it’s a tongue twister!

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Character info

These endearing Minnie Mouse triplets are a happy family of swingers! Each Minnie has black-metal painted eyes, felt ears and hands, and cloth foot-pads. Their facial features are hand-painted, and they’re stuffed with kapok.

In remarkably good condition for their age, the Minnies are all wearing their own linen bloomers that form part of their bodies. Additionally, someone has made identical shirts and knitted dresses for them, with different coloured neck ties to tell them apart.

Minnie-Mo (yellow tie) has replaced felt hands and also a replaced long black cord tail.  She’s in very good condition with just a tiny loss of paint from her eyes.

Minnie-May (red tie) is a little different from her sisters with blue velvet arms and legs (mostly faded to grey), and cream felt hands and cream velvet feet. There’s a little wear to both her wrists, and some slight paint-loss from her eyes, but she still retains her original black rubber tail. Minnie-May also has a tiny plastic Mickey Mouse charm pinned to her belt.

Minnie-Marj (green tie) has a replaced tail like Minnie-Mo. Also, a few stitched repairs to her wrists and the side of her right foot. Otherwise, she’s in great shape.

The Minnies are a marvellous, rare collection of early Disney characters, each with their own personality. All the girls need now is to meet a trio of likely Mickeys!