A rare, early Einco-Chiltern jointed rabbit with original signature googly eyes. Eartha has obviously done a lot of burrowing in her lifetime. Her poor old face is badly worn, with manic darning and a large patched repair.

She’s also mostly bald, but is nevertheless a cute little character, measuring 25 cms (10″) tall. Wearing her old knitted dress and pants, Eartha invites you to join her in the garden and she’ll mix you a cocktail!


I’m bored with burrowing, and it plays havoc with my complexion! So, I decided to chill out and sip a cocktail or two, while taking the rays. The thing about cocktails is they taste yummy, but sneak up on you and next thing you know you’re keeling over, drunk. Hic!


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Character info

This sweetly-tatty, early Einco-Chiltern bunny has original glass googly eyes. Eartha’s nose has been over-sewn in the past, but her mouth stitches remain, and a tiny thread of a red tongue. Her foot-pads have been replaced with washed leather, and are now showing signs of wear.

Eartha’s padless paws have suffered along with her face and back of head, all copiously darned. Her feet are threadbare with a few holes, showing her woodwool-stuffing. Also, the lining of her right ear is an old replacement of white mohair. Overall, though, Eartha is still a strong rabbit, fully-jointed and mostly bald.

She’s wearing her old knitted dress and panties, which have been made to accommodate her tail!