A rare, British Collectors Limited Edition growling Steiff bear. Made in 1996, exclusive to the UK and Ireland, Izaak (as we’ve christened him), has his button and white label, introduced in 1994, and used only on animals that are limited not replicas.

Izaak is 41 cms (16″) tall, and soft-stuffed. He has lock-in safety eyes and a brown-stitched nose and mouth, plus matching claws. Fully-jointed, with luxurious blonde mohair, he’s one of 3000 produced, and his stock numbers are 654411/01372.

Originally, this absolutely gorgeous bear was dressed in a brown tweed waistcoat. He now wears a very cute velvet outfit, that looks as though it might have been made specially for him. Izaak is in minty condition, and has the sweetest expression.