A magical, soft-sculptured rabbit by Art Rogers of Chatham Village Bears. Named Radko, he has a jointed head, and stands 30 cms (12″) tall on card-lined feet.

Radko’s ears and limbs are internally wired, and he has fabulous, big blue glass bulbous eyes set in oversized felt sockets, with airbrushed rims. His little mouth holds two goofy teeth, and he’s the cutest character, made of pale gold distressed mohair. Radko also has extremely long whiskers and a bob tail.

Apart from a repair to his right armpit, he’s in lovely original condition, complete with swings tags and tiny signature ‘Art Rogers’ back tag, Radko is accompanied by his diddy orange velveteen bunny pal, also made by the same artist. We don’t know his birth name, so we’ve called him Roe.

This micro bunny is unjointed and has wired ears, plus protruding blue glass eyes and two front teeth. He’s 10 cms (4″) tall, including ears, and has an Art Rogers tag at the back.  Bunny Roe also boasts exceedingly long black whiskers.


Once a month we hold a competition to see which of us has grown the longest whiskers! Of course we take into account the length of our whiskers in relation to our different sizes.

After all, Roe would look pretty silly if his whiskers were as long as mine, because they measure over 4 inches, so they’d stretch from his ears right down to his feet!