A quirky rod-jointed French character c.1920s, Marcel is 50 cms (20″) tall. He has bright gold mohair, and a typical fixed head, with orange bakelite shoebutton eyes, attached externally.

Woodwool-stuffed, only part of Marcel’s nose stitching remains, and his mouth is long gone. His pads are old cloth replacements. He has big sliced in ears, and is a long-bodied bear, with equally long arms and legs.

Marcel’s arms are metal-jointed, while his legs are on string. His tilt-growler no longer works, but he has a good covering of fur.

Dressed for the art museum in his fetching knitted jacket pinned with a National Gallery badge, and Impressionism Fashion & Modernity bade, Marcel also wears antique eye glasses, and is a bit of a museum piece himself!


Being French I’m big on culture, and all things couture. It’s my ambition to hang in a gallery one day, though not physically!

I’d like to be immortalised on canvas in watercolours or oils, or just sketched in pen and ink. Then people would come and study me and imagine all sorts of things about me, and what I was thinking at the time!

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