A beautiful blue mohair Chad Valley teddy c. late 1930s/early 40s. Holly Blue is mostly faded to a greyish white, but still has an overall faint blue tint, with flashes of deeper colour around her joints and inner ears.

She’s 40 cms (16″) tall, and completely original, with amber glass eyes and signature bulbous bound nose. In lovely condition, Holly Blue is wearing her cute dungarees and knitted booties, plus a blue butterfly pendant.


I’m named after the Holly Blue butterfly. This is the first butterfly to emerge in early spring, well before any other blue butterflies, and is found in parks and gardens. 

Unlike other butterflies, the Holly Blue flies high around bushes and trees. In spring it congregates round Holly, and in late summer Ivy. It has bright blue wings, but the female’s wings have black edges. I would like to be a pretty fluttering butterfly!  

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Character info

Pretty Holly Blue Chad is stuffed with kapok (head woodwool), and fully-jointed. Her neck is a endearingly wobbly where her carded discs have internally buckled, but her head is very secure. She has original, large amber glass eyes and a black-stitched bulbous bound nose, and embroidered mouth.

Her linen pads are in minty condition, and she has a full set of claws. Holly Blue has kept virtually all of her mohair, which still retains a bluish tint. This charming old bear is dressed in her vintage blue and white check dungarees and blue knitted shoes. She also wears a pendant of a blue butterfly illustration.