A wonderful, little humpbacked French Fadap teddy bear c.early 1920s, with lovely lavender mohair.

Louis’ claim to fame is that he appears on the front cover of Eric Petit’s book, ‘Les Ours et Peluches Fadap‘, and is pictured in the top left hand corner (see photo).

All original, Louis measures 28 cms (11″) tall. He has shoebutton eyes and a black-embroidered nose, mouth, and claws.

His brushed cotton pads are in very good condition, and his joints work fine.

There’s a non-working squeaker in his back, and the woodwool-stuffing has settled in the top of his right arm. Overall, though, Louis is a super sturdy character, with plenty of fur.

This pensive little bear is dressed in his cute navy ensemble, accessorised with a purple chord ‘belt’.


I love being a front cover pin-up!

It just goes to prove that even small teddies can be super models!

Though I’m trying not to get big-headed about my fame.

After all, it hasn’t changed my life, and I’m still just a bear in need of a hug.