A unqiue, fabulously-floppy, hand-dyed frosty blue vintage-style artist bear, handmade by Anjo Noija of Bearable Bears. Nicknamed ‘Pedro’, he’s 41 cms (16″)  tall, and loosely filled with cotton fibre and mineral pellets, making him weighty and wonderfully tactile.

Displaying Anjo’s ageing techniques, Pedro has old, worn looking shoe button eyes, and a black-embroidered nose and mouth. His cotton pads are in keeping with those of a love-worn bear. Likewise, he has deliberately broken claws with a few missing.

In lovely original condition, Pedro is fully-jointed and wears his signed tag, plus a lace-trimmed carded clown hat of French-printed text – one of Anjo’s individual finishing flourishes.

Being a collector of vintage teddy bears, this talented creator first started making her own teddies in the year 2000. Her stunning characters, are a complete labour of love, and attention to detail. Pedro is one such character.


I’m so floppy, I can’t actually stand up. But, I’m something of a contortionist, because I’m able to wrap and twist my long limbs every which way, and almost tie myself up in knots. Not a lot of bears can do this!