A very cute, Original Teddy Hermann with red neck tag, a gold ID button at the back of his head, and also an underarm seam label.

Hari is 25 cms (10″) tall, and has magnets in the tips of his paws so he can lock them together. He’s fully-jointed and soft-stuffed, though his tummy is filled with pellets.

Made without pads, Hari has tiny black button eyes and embroidered features. His long shaggy mohair is a lovely toffee colour, and he’s the sweetest little character, wearing his knitted sailor outfit and leopard-print collar.


Being able to lock my paws together is very useful. I can hold and carry stuff, and tuck my paws behind my back if I want to. What’s more, it sounds as though I’m clapping when my paws make contact. I don’t think many bears have this amazing ability!