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A lovely old Steiff Bessy Cow, with earbutton and stock tag c.1968-77. Bessy is completely original, including her red bell collar and carded name tag. Woodwool-stuffed, she stands 13 cms (5″) high and 15 cms (7″) long from nose to tail.

Bessy’s horns are made of felt, and her eyes are white plastic with black pupils. She has a white velvet chest strip, felt-backed ears, and airbrushed markings. Her mohair is tan and cream with a yellow-tinted forehead and ‘hooves’, while her tail is still bound with its original string.

Unjointed with bendy legs , Bessy is in near minty condition and will make a delightful addition to any Steiff collection. Just don’t expect her to give you a pint of milk!


I was feeling a bit lonely so set off in search of a herd I could join. But, the only cows I came across were on a photograph! They’re rescued Highland Cows and live at Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich. One of them is called Candy Floss, and her favourite foods are fresh grass, silage, grass nuts soaked with sugar beet, and carrots.

Her favourite pastime is chewing the cud while relaxing with her shaggy, long-haired friends. Lucky cow! I wish I had some friends. If nobody adopts me soon, I think I’ll ask Hillside if I can move in there.