An old sea dog Chiltern c.1940s, with original features. Columbus  is 51 cms (20″) tall and filled with kapok, apart from his impressive, oversized head which is woodwool-stuffed. He has amber glass eyes, and a black-stitched nose and mouth.

His rexine pads have a little wear, but are in reasonably good condition, and he’s fully mobile. Over time, his gold mohair has faded,  especially at the front, where most fur loss is showing. But you don’t get to be around 80 years old without a few physical signs of age!

Overall, Columbus is a lovely sturdy ted and very lovable. He’s wearing his nautical outfit, pinned with a miniature ship and ship’s wheel, and is ready for his next voyage to a new home.


As you might have guessed, I’m named after the famous Italian explorer and navigator, Christopher Columbus.

In 1462, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and discovered the New World – namely America.

This discovery changed world history forever!

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