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A cute old pug-like dog with glass googly eyes. Bran is unjointed and stands 19 cms (7.5″) high. He’s stuffed with woodwool, and his bandy legs are wired.

Made of brown and beige mohair, Bran’s cross-stitched nose and mouth have been resewn in the past, but an original thread is still intact.

There’s a hole to each of his feet where the metal wires have worn through, and a small repair to the top of one foreleg. Overall, though, Bran is good strong dog with plenty of fur. His pink neck ribbon is probably a later addition, but suits him very well.


There’s something fishy going on here. OBN gave me a bowl of biscuits to eat, but I was immediately suspicious because the bowl is decorated with little fish.

And when I pushed my nose in to smell the biscuits, the aroma was very fishy. So I’ve concluded they’re not doggy biscuits all, but meant for a cat!

No wonder I look worried.