A cute, and mostly bald Steiff dog (no button), possibly an Airedale Terrier c.1950s. Radulf ‘s head swivels, and he stands 13 cms (5″) tall. Stuffed with woodwool, he has original back-painted glass eyes, and an embroidered nose and mouth, which may have been re-stitched.

Radulf’s legs are wired, and all his claws are intact. His ears are lined with felt, and there’s a non-working squeaker in his belly. Nose to tail he measures 18 cms (7″) long, and now only has wisps of mohair remaining, plus airbrushed markings.

He’s a little threadbare under his tummy, otherwise a good strong character with the most adorable expression. Radulf is wearing his tan leather collar and bob hat.


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