A wonderful, white mohair JK Farnell bear c.1920s, George is all original and measures 44 cms (17″) tall.

He has a working squeaker, so is more of a high-pitched vocalist than a crooner!

Stuffed mostly with kapok, George’s felt pads are in overall good condition, with minimal surface wear. His paws boast a superb set of webbed claws, with only one broken thread, and all his foot claws are intact.

George’s large, back-painted glass eyes show some loss of enamel, and his left one has a hairline crack through the centre. However, it’s not that noticeable and simply adds to his enigmatic character.

With his joints working fine, George is a good sturdy bear. And, despite some patchy loss of fur, the coverage is nevertheless plentiful.

Together with his signature Farnell nose stitching, and cute upturned shaved muzzle, he’s brimming with attitude!

George is dressed in his vintage striped pants, cotton shirt, pinned with a Mad Hatter ‘I have wild tea parties’ badge, and handmade dicky bow.


My attitude is that we should all live life to the full, and throw a good party!

Some of my parties have been so wild, the crockery has ended up broken!

So I’m trying to make them a little more sedate, though it’s very tricky.

Because teddy bear tea parties can get awfully rowdy. But it’s such fun!



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