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A handsome, early blonde mohair humpbacked Steiff bear (no button), Nobby’s features are all original and he’s 41 cms (16″) tall.

His feet are card-lined, and he has a full set of claws. Despite some patchy fur loss, Nobby still has plenty to secretly smile about.

This sweet-faced ted is wearing his cute knitted sailor suit with nautical charms. Hes a very lovable character, with an angelic upturned face.



My name is short for Norbert, which in German means ‘blonde hero’ .   I don’t know if I’m heroic, but I’d like to go adventuring in the sea, and if I meet a great white shark then I’ll find out if I’m a hero or not!

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Character info

Nobby Steiff bear has lots of lovely blonde mohair, and original features. They include boot-button eyes and a black-stitched nose that’s now missing a few threads, showing the black felt underlay. There’s a small hole to the right side of his muzzle, and his mouth is long gone, though the indent remains, giving a hint of a smile.

Firmly stuffed with wood-wool, Nobby’s felt paw pads have been professionally patched, while his card-lined feet are in reasonably good condition. His right one has worn down to the black felt underlay at the toe and heel, and likewise his left  toe.

All Nobby’s joints work fine and, apart from a small sewn repair to the back of one leg, he’s a good strong ted. Despite some patchy baldness here and there, his fur coverage is plentiful.

Measuring 41 cms (16″) tall, Nobby is dressed in his French knitted sailor suit, with nautical charms hung on rope threads. This early Steiff bear is a really cute character with a gorgeous stargazing face.