A very sweet Dean’s Rag Book teddy bear with back seam label c.1950s. Nellie is 38 cms (15″) tall, and soft-stuffed with a woodwool head.

She has original mouth stitching and felt pads, which are now a little fluffed up, while her amber glass eyes are replacements, and her nose has been resewn.

Nellie’s joints work fine, though her head wobbles slightly. She’s kept virtually all of her bright yellow-gold mohair, and is in lovely condition.

This pretty gorgeous bear is wearing her vintage pinafore, accessorised with her favourite necklace of beads.


I love brightly-coloured jewellery, and would like to start a collection of vintage necklaces and brooches. I don’t know where I’d keep them all, so I’d need a secure box.

I’d put a label on saying HANDS OFF! so other bears don’t secretly steal them when I’m not looking!



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