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A gorgeous, bright yellow-gold mohair, musical American Knickerbocker bear c.1930s. Nalani is 33 cms (13″) tall, and stuffed with kapok (head woodwool). When the key-winder in her back is turned, Nalani plays a tinkling lullaby.

Her clear glass eyes are old replacements, and her nose stitching appears to have vanished, leaving only the black felt underlay. Overall, though, she’s in beautiful condition, with lovely original velvet pads and a typical inset velvet muzzle.

Nalani’s joints are in good working order and, apart from some fur loss around her key-winder, she’s kept virtually all of her mohair. This darling ray of sunshine is wearing her old knitted matinee coat with a silk sunflower corsage.


My name is Hawaiian, meaning ‘calmness of the heavens’. I think this is very appropriate because the sweet music I play is very calming, and I wonder if angels play similar music in heaven?  

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