A pretty little vintage Merrythought bear, with foot-label (quite faded) and side-seam tag c.1950s/60s. Cameron is in lovely original condition, and stands 33 cms (13″) tall.

She’s completely soft-stuffed, so very cuddly, and has clear lock-in safety eyes, plus a black-embroidered nose and mouth.

Her pads are made of velvet, and she’s fully-jointed.

Although her gold mohair is a little faded in parts, the coverage is excellent, and she’s a bonny lass, looking ever so cute in her knitted dress and tartan hat.


My name is Celtic and means ‘crooked nose’!

I can’t see anything wonky about my nose.

I think it’s a very nice nose, with a bound stitch across the top.

Just hope I don’t get into a tiff with another bear, and get punched in the nose!


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