A rare, Merrythought Winnie the Pooh nightwear case, only made for a limited time between 1967 and 1968.

Based on one of the characters in A.A.Milne’s iconic Christopher Robin stories, Pooh is accompanied by Eeyore the donkey, also made by Merrythought – in 1966 when the Disney film was released.

Eeyore has his registered design label, but more importantly his detachable tail, which he famously loses. Read all about these wonderful characters down the page.


In which Eeyore loses a tail, and Pooh finds one…in this A.A.Milne story, Eeyore believes that someone has stolen his tail, so Pooh sets off on a solemn mission to find it. He arrives at Owl’s house, in the Hundred Acre Wood, and pulls the knocker and bell rope.

Ultimately, he recognises the bell-pull as being none other than Eeyore’s tail! Owl says he found it in the forest hanging above a bush…Pooh takes the bell-pull back to its rightful owner, and Christopher Robin nails the tail back onto Eeyore.

He’s immediately transformed from a gloomy sad old donkey into a frisky, frolicking donkey, waving his tail happily and jumping around the forest. And Pooh is so happy… he comes over a bit funny, and has to go home for a little Sustaining Snack.


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Character info

Pooh is all original and measures 50 cms (20″) tall. He’s fully-jointed and soft-stuffed, and has amber lock-in safety eyes and a black-embroidered nose and mouth. His pads are made of brushed cotton. Although his footlabel is missing, the sewn outline is there, including a tiny fragment of label.

One of Pooh’s ears has been re-attached, otherwise he’s in very good condition having kept virtually all of his gorgeous gold mohair. His quilted nightwear case is like new, and closes with a metal zip. For the purposes of photography, we added some stuffing to fill out his great pot belly!


This lovely old donkey is unjointed and stands 20 cms (8″) high, and 31 cms (2″) long from nose to tail. He’s also soft-stuffed, and his legs are internally wired. Eeyore’s tail is still intact, and is attached to him by way of a metal press stud. However, he’s missing his right eye.

Eeyore has embroidered features and pink furry lined floppy ears. In overall good condition, his grey mohair is plentiful, though shows some overall thinning.  His tail is fairly bald – probably due to being used as a bell-pull!

It would be super if this pair could be re-homed together, but their owner will separate them if necessary.