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A beautiful, 1930s Merrythought bear with wishbone earbutton and embroidered footlabel. Melba is all original and 38 cms (15″) tall. She has a full set of webbed paw claws, and luscious peachy mohair, faded in places but still plentiful.

In lovely overall condition, this gorgeous character is wearing her delightful knitted cardi, and floral embroidered dress with a handmade felt bag.


I’m named after my favourite dessert – Peach Melba! The recipe was invented in 1892 by Victorian French chef, Auguste Escoffier at the Savory Hotel, London, to honour the Australian opera singer Nellie Melba.

The soprano was performing in Wagner’s Lohengrin at Covent Garden, and the Duke of Orleans gave a dinner party to celebrate Nellie’s triumph.

For the occasion, the chef used an ice sculpture of a swan, which featured in the opera. The swan carried peaches resting on a bed of vanilla ice cream topped with spun sugar.

Then, in 1900, Escoffier created a new version of the dessert, and instead of the ice swan he topped the peaches with raspberry puree. Yum, yum!


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Character info

Melba 1930s Merrythought bear has amber glass eyes, and a brown-embroidered nose and mouth. All her claws are intact, including her webbed ones. Melba’s felt pads are in very good condition, apart from one foot where there’s a few holes.

Stuffed completely with kapok, Melba’s joints work fine, but her squeaker has packed up. She’s kept virtually all of her luxurious curly mohair. It’s faded in some areas, but is still quite a peachy-apricot colour around her joints and at the back.

Complete with wishbone earbutton and embroidered footlabel, Melba is an adorable character. She’s wearing her wonderful handknitted cardi and vintage embroidered dress, accessorised with a cute hand-made felt bag.