An old, and rather bald Chiltern cat, with rare red printed foot-seam label c.1940s/50s. Master Tom is unjointed and 30 cms (12″) tall. He has the dubious distinction of a mouth hand-drawn in the style of Chiltern’s earliest Einco animals, most famously their Master Teddy and dog.

Tom’s nose stitching is original, and he has clear glass eyes that could be original too, we’re not entirely sure. He’s stuffed with kapok (head woodwool), though his arms and legs are now mostly devoid of hardly any filling, but there’s still some in his paws and feet.

He has a few repairs, including one to his neck seam, and right arm seam at the back. His ears were originally lined with  apricot mohair, and a tuft still remains. His black and white mohair is fairly sparse nowadays, with the backs of his legs being the furriest.

Tom’s foot-label is party worn away, but is still readable as Chiltern Hygienic TOYS. He’s a very cute character, and is wearing his old knotted school tie, secured with a pin at the back.


I’ve decided to take up photography as a hobby, but the camera OBN lent to me is so ancient it keeps falling apart!

So, I think if I’m to take my new hobby seriously, my new owner will need to buy me a new camera – preferably digital with an in-built flash that doesn’t drop off every time I try and focus on something creative. I bet David Bailey never had this problem!