A well-loved Steiff bear c.1920s (no button), Mally is 40 cms (16″) tall, and has original back-painted glass eyes. His nose and mouth have been resewn in the past, and his pads recovered in felt.

Mally has a few repairs but remains a sturdy ted, with a reasonable coverage of gold mohair. This sweet-faced character is wearing his cute handmade wool sailor suit and nautical badge, though has no plans to set sail!


Actually, I’d quite like to go sailing…so if you live near some water and own a boat, I’m the bear for you! In fact my name is a pet form of the German ‘Merral’, which means ‘famous, of the sea’. So it looks as though I’m destined for a nautical adventure!

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Character info

Mally Steiff bear no longer retains his earbutton, but dates to c.1920s. Most of his features have been restored in the past, but his lovely back-painted glass eyes are original. Mally is woodwool-stuffed and all his joints work fine. He stands 40 cms (16″) high.

There’s a patched repair to the top and sides of Mally’s muzzle, and also his face and left arm, along with a small darn to the other. Overall, though, he’s a good strong ted, and still has plenty of gold mohair. This sweet, longed-nosed character is wearing his lovely handmade wool sailor suit, pinned with an ‘I love sailing’ badge.