A fabulous, faded pink mohair Jopi dog c.1920s, all original with a swivel head. Lulu was made in a standing position, and is 31 cms (12″) high, and 33 cms (13″) long from nose to tail.

She’s woodwool-stuffed, and has pink back-painted glass eyes, showing some enamel loss, especially her right one, which is now mostly clear.

Lulu’s nose and mouth are hand-embroidered in tan thread, and her long floppy ears are lined with beige brushed cotton.

All her legs are internally wired, and the metal is slightly jutting through her left forepaw. Lulu’s neck joint is a little wobbly but secure, and she has the most amazing long bushy tail that touches the ground.

Over the years, Lulu’s mohair has faded mostly to cream, but a few pink wisps can still be glimpsed beneath her ears and tail. She’s kept virtually all of her lovely curly fur.

Overall, Lulu is in fantastic condition, and is a most beautiful, well-groomed pooch. She’s wearing a pink ear ribbon pinned with a vintage brooch, and a pink neck ribbon hung with a bell. Lulu also travels with her hand-knitted woolly coat for walkies in winter.


I just love my winter coat. It’s pink and very girly. 

I also like playing with the pom-poms.

They swing about and I run round in circles chasing them!




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