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A beautiful, much-loved long-nosed Steiff bear with ‘ff’ earbutton c.1920s. Gaby is 46 cms (18″) tall, and has original features, except for a replaced glass eye.

She only has tufts of gold mohair remaining, and her linen pads are worn with repairs, including floral blue patches! Overall, though, Gaby is a lovely sturdy ted, with a great humped back, and a very sweet character.


I like my blue patches, they’re very pretty, and far more interesting than boring brown!

In fact all my bear friends are quite envious, and wish they had little pink flowers on their pads too. 

Character info

Gaby is woodwool-stuffed, and this has settled in the tops of her arms where she was probably carried by her child owner. There’s also some slight settlement around her neck, but she still holds her head high.

Her joints are all sound, and she has a non-working growler. Gaby’s original left eye is back-painted glass and shows a little loss of enamel. Her old replaced clear glass eye is a tad smaller, with some surface wear.

Gaby’s nose and mouth stitching are long gone, and she has a few small darns, including to the side of her face, and front torso. There’s also a small patched repair to her right ankle. Her protruding muzzle is slightly off kilter, where the stuffing has shifted over time.

On the whole, Gaby is an adorable bear with a poignant expression. She’s dressed in her peach bloomers and old knitted jacket, plus an antique satin ‘scarf’ pinned with a vintage jewelled brooch. Gorgeous!