A lovable, very early German Strunz bear with an impressive long muzzle. Cyril is 30 cms (12″) tall, and has original shoebutton eyes, along with two original felt pads, both worn with repairs. His nose and mouth embroidery might possibly be old replacements.

Cyril’s woodwool stuffing has settled a little in his arms and legs, and there’s a non-working squeaker in his tummy. His bright gold mohair is now sparse, and his head is a touch wobbly, but secure.

Overall, Cyril is a good strong character, dressed in his old striped pants and jumper, pinned with a spring daffodil.


Spring is just around the corner, so I’m celebrating by wearing a daffodil. It’s not a real one, but makes me feel full of joy, with a spring in my step!