A lovable, velveteen Chad Valley Bonzo dog c.1920s/30s (no ID). Standing 30 cs (12″) tall on card-lined feet, he’s stuffed with kapok.

Bonzo has airbrushed features and a cheeky red felt tongue, showing faint traces of old glue, so it may have been re-attached or a replacement.

His claws are all intact and, apart from the top seam of one arm having been re-sewn, and also his back seam, he’s in great condition with minimal wear to his plush.

Fully-jointed, Bonzo is looking forward to a woofy Christmas, dressed in his festive hat and Ho! Ho! Ho! necktie, attached a red dollar. Bonzo is only available for a short time at this special price.


For those old eough to remember, the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band named themselves after this popular toy character.

The band was formed by a group of students in the 1960s, and combined elements of music, trad jazz and psychedelic pop, with surreal humour and avant garde art.

They sprang to fame appearing on the ITV comedy show, ‘Do Not Adjust your Set’. and probably their most well-known hit was ‘I’m the Urban Spaceman’.



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