An adorable, Original Steiff Teddy with earbutton and chest tag (worn and creased) c.1940s.  Bem is in minty condition, and measures 9 cms (3.5″) tall.

Woodwool-stuffed and fully jointed, Bem has tiny black bead eyes, plus a brown-stitched nose and mouth.  Made without pads, he’s kept all of his caramel mohair, and is a very cute character.

Bem is wearing his homemade wool jacket, and carries a miniature box of pretend, post-WW2 ration supplies.


When I arrived in the UK many years ago, I was issued this box of rations and an ID card. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with a carton of dried egg,  and a pack of razor blades! But I might work it out one day!

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