This little furry bundle of sweet cinnamon joy is a pint-sized 24 cms (9.5″) tall, and in near minty condition. Ollie has retained all his original features, including his tiny Steiff ‘ff’ button nestling deep in his ear c.1908.

It’s rare to find an early cinny bear in such outstanding condition, with vibrant mohair coverage. Ollie also has the most adorable cute face, and is wearing his vintage tweed coat, pinned with a Little Owl badge.


The Little Owl is by far the smallest owl found in Britain. It stands 22 cms high, so is only slightly smaller than ME! The birds are very noisy and can be heard, and often seen, during daylight hours, perching on a tree branch, telegraph pole or rock.

Holes in trees are their favourite nesting sites, but some nest in rabbit burrows too! Their plummage varies from grey-brown and rufous-brown to yellowish brown.

Weighing a third of the weight of a tawny owl, the Little Owl was successfully introduced to Britain in the late 19th century, and New Zealand in 1906, where it established colonies on South Island and is still there today.




Character info

Little Ollie is a gorgeous humpbacked Steiff ted, stuffed with woodwool. He has original shoebutton eyes and embroidered features – his nose is missing a couple of threads. Ollie’s felt pads show minimal wear, with just a hole to the tip of his right paw, and a few nicks to his right foot. All his claws are intact.

Ollie’s joints work fine, and his cinnamon mohair has retained its vibrancy. This in itself is rare for a coloured bear of his considerable age. There’s a little patchy fur loss to his arms, but overall the coverage is amazing.

With his cute pert muzzle and innocent expression, Ollie is a connoisseur’s dream bear. Dressed in his charming tweed coat, Ollie is all set to go owl watching.